Yoga As Part of Your Bodybuilding Routine

For many people the idea of bodybuilding and yoga going hand-in-hand is almost unfathomable. Pumping iron and gentle stretching are almost at opposite ends of the fitness spectrum.In the modern fitness, however, yoga is being used in conjunction with body building to maximize the results one can achieve, prevent injury, and a host of other benefits.So exactly how does yoga help? Certain styles of yoga, like Hatha Yoga, emphasize stretching. Through the use of slow, gentle, stretching exercises the fascia is elongated.The fascia is a very strong, protective sheath of connective tissue that covers all muscles and all muscle cells. When the fascia is stretched is allows for more room for the muscle underneath to grow.

Another way that yoga works well with bodybuilding is by teaching you to learn how to use your own body.
Yoga teaches self awareness and control that will allow you to use muscles in ways that you may never have known otherwise.

It also provides you with the means to use your body as a solid foundation to build on and that you will be able to hone into a finely tuned “machine” if you will.

For preventing injury, yoga is wonderful. The same gentle stretches that allow you to maximize muscle growth also stretch the muscles gently to prevent you from overworking them and causing muscle tears while bodybuilding.

This is not to say that by using yoga you will not ever have to worry about overworking your muscles. That is up to you.

But the self awareness taught in yoga will also help you to be more in tune with your body, thereby allowing you to know when enough is enough.

As you can see, there are a number of reasons why yoga is a perfect partner to body building. Not only does it enhance your bodybuilding routine, but is also helps you to know your body better.

Yoga is also used in conjunction with many other types of workouts.

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