Why do Indian women wear Bangles?


Why should Indian women wear Bangles?

Why do Indian women wear Bangles :Bangles known as Kankan, are an important ornament for all women, married as well as spinsters. Since ancient times, there is a tradition of making bangles, from various metals, glass, conch, sealing-wax and ivory.

  • In Punjab, bangles made of ivory and in Bengal bangles made of conch have special importance.
  • In Uttar Pradesh, wearing of a red sariand red bangles by the bride at the time of the wedding is considered auspicious.
  • In states like Maharashtra, Karnataka etc., wearing of green glass bangles by the bride at the time of the wedding has special importance.

It is evident from this experiment that it is more beneficial for a woman to wear glass bangles, rather than plastic bangles. Out of ignorance of this science, today many women wear plastic bangles. Fashion is also one of the reasons for this. Some women wear plastic bangles because the glass bangles break often. In doing this, they deprive themselves of the benefit that is obtained from wearing glass bangles, and harm themselves.

 Plastic banglesGlass bangles
1. Sound createdFrictionlikeImpactlike
2. Nature of soundRaja-Tama
In the form of
3. Effect on negative energiesAttract negative
Drive away
negative energies
4. Awakening of vitalityDoes not occurOccurs
5. Vital energyReducesIncreases
6. Purification of the gross bodyDoes not occurOccurs
7. Black coveringIs generatedIs destroyed
8. Protection of the bodyDoes not happenHappens

 Why do Indian women wear Bangles

Benefits of sound waves created by glass bangles

  • Due to the subtle weapons emitted from the sound waves of the bangles, the motor organs of the woman are protected.
  • The Sattvacomponent of the woman’s motor organs increases.
  • A sheath of waves of Kriya-Shakti(Energy of Action) emitted by the bangles is generated around the woman’s body and she is protected from the negative energies.
  • Shakti-tattva(Divine Energy Principle) is activated in the woman and her body sheaths are purified; similarly, the premises too is purified.

Importance of girls wearing three, or less bangles : Shakti is present in young unmarried girls in an unmanifest form. They also have less amount of sanskars (impressions) in them. Vibrations of Tarak-Shakti are active in girls. By wearing three or less bangles, a slight inertia indicating sound is created in the bangles. Due to this sound, the girl gets the strength to perform a task.

Science underlying wearing of more bangles by a newly married woman : Marak(Destroyer) waves are created by the sound of the bangles worn in larger numbers by a newly married woman. With the help of these waves, the newly married woman is protected from the evil-eye and attacks of negative energies.

 Why do Indian women wear Bangles?


Well, this is basically pressurizing the intended nerves to an intended extent, so as to increase blood circulation and hence the related organs are benefited.

Why should women wear bangles?

  • The sound of anklets pulls everyone’s attention towards them. Most women tend to wear bangles or bracelets. Bangles are also considered to be a symbol of marriage, but this is not all about it. There are many other things about anklets that people don’t know. Some of these things are even shocking.
  • Physically, women are generally weaker than men. Their bones are also weak as compared to those of men. There is main reason behind why women wear bangles and that is to provide them strength. As women age, many diseases grow and encircle their bodies making them weak.
  • Today, most women do not wear bangles. This is the reason why a large number of women feel weakness and lack of physical strength. They experience early fatigue and severe diseases affect them. While there were no such problems with the old women. Their food habits and discipline keeps them healthy.
  • Ornaments of gold and silver provide maximum energy to women. Gold and silver bangles help in strengthening the bones of the hand. Due to friction of gold and silver, their qualities and properties of these metals enter your body. In Ayurveda too, the ashes of these ornaments is used to provide energy to body.
  • This is the reason why women of older generation lived for long. They used to enjoy a long life and were able to work till the time of their death. A religious belief attached to this is that those women who wear bangles, the age of their husbands increase.
  • The make-up of any women is incomplete without bangles. That is why bangles are considered to be the integral part of dressing-up. Nowadays in market, a variety of bangles are available like gold, silver, diamond, glass, lacquer among others. Bangles are considered to be compulsory for married women.
  • The sound of bangles in a house keeps the unwanted negative energy away.
  • The sound of bangles in a house maintains grace of gods.
  • There is a hidden secret in the sound of bangles. In olden times, the ‘parda pratha’ was compulsory. Women used to keep their faces covered in front of men. The other aged men and old people in the house also used to respect the presence of women around them. Therefore, whenever, there used to be sound of bangles, male members of the house used to understand that women are around and then they used to make sure that nothing insulting happen around.
  • Male members also used to make sure that wherever women are around, they wouldn’t enter.Why do Indian women wear Bangles.

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