Who wants to fight this girl 17 Year Old Wrestler


Who wants to fight this girl 17 Year Old Wrestler

There are no women in the heaving crowd watching the dangal, a traditional wrestling tournament. It is being held in a large bowl-shaped clearing, surrounded by the village of Salawa, vast fields of ripe sugarcane and the Ganga canal that runs along the Doab plain of western Uttar Pradesh.

The dangal has been organised by Salawa residents although the 10,000-odd spectators could be from any of the nearby 24 villages, referred to collectively as the chaubisi.
The area is brimming with men, with more arriving by foot and on packed autorickshaws and tractors. The organising committee, comprising politicians, a few holy men and police officials, sits in a tented bandstand, sipping cold drinks.

Others moustachioed old men in turbans, teens watching through smartphones  squat on the fringe of the wrestling ring. Inside a circle marked in white chalk, the men slathered in mitti  the driven earth on which kushti is fought grapple, to the rhythm of beating dhols.

Divya, meanwhile, has begun her walk into the crowd again. Once more they reward her. Later, when the stack of notes is tallied, it stands at Rs 15,878. There’s a Rs 1,000 from the sponsor, Thakur Vikram Singh Rathore. An old man gives her a Rs 10 note and ask for Rs 4 in change so he can pay for a rickshaw ride home. Another old man, with a thick white moustache and a matching turban, stops Divya. “Thanks for not beating my grandson,” he says, even as he stuffs two 10-rupee notes in her hand.

credit : indianexpress


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