What Happens When You Mix Coca Cola and Milk


This is what happens when you add milk to coke

The temptation to combine your drinks and create strange concoctions is strong in anyone with a bit of natural curiosity, but there are some drinks you just shouldn’t mix.

Namely, milk and coke.

both harmless and enjoyable beverages on their own, they combine to make a strange, unappealing substance that we wouldn’t recommend consuming.

The acidity levels in coke coke causes the milk to curdle on contact, and after the initial contact things start to get weird.

After 15 minutes brown foamy clumps begin to form at the bottom of the bottle. This is due to the phosphoric acid in the coke reacting with the milk; the phosphoric acid molecules attach to the milk molecules making them more dense.

Leave it for an hour and the molecules that haven’t reacted with the phosphoric acid will float to the top creating the clear like fluid, leaving a solid, clumpy matter settled at the bottom.

So, what does it taste like?

Whilst we’re not brave enough to attempt to weird mix, Youtuber Kill’em FTW was and apparently it isn’t that bad. In a video where he drinks the mix he said: “it tastes just like coke, it just looks absolutely disgusting.”

Now that we know it doesn’t taste completely awful, would you give it a go?


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