What Can Cause Early Morning Headaches

Early Morning Headaches


What Can Cause Early Morning Headaches

Early morning headache causes disruption in your activities and an awful way to begin your day. You experience headache because your body has the lowest quantity of natural analgesics from four to eight o’clock in the morning. Research reveals that the incidence of morning headache is higher in women, jobless people, and those whose age ranges from 45 to 64.

18 Most Common Causes of Early Morning Headache

The early morning headache causes range from temporary to chronic medical problems, which are as follows:


Lack of sufficient water in the body is one of the leading early morning headache causes among afflicted patients. Water comprises 65 percent of the body and the decline in its level affects the muscles, brain and other organs. Recommended daily intake of fluids is two liters as dehydration triggers a headache. Ensure that you drink enough liquids before bedtime since a dehydrated body may result to headache that necessitates intake of painkillers.

Sleep pattern

Many people suffer stress throughout the day, worsened by sleeping late yet waking up early. Insufficient and interrupted sleep results to body fatigue, muscle tension and headache. The study shows that the body needs about eight hours of sleep to rest and regain energy. Hence, you should make a distraction free and relaxing environment, but the most essential is to adhere to a regular bedtime schedule.

Sleep posture

Sleeping position is also the reason for tension in the neck and shoulders. Experts recommend sleeping sideways with a pillow in between your knees to alleviate back pain and encourage proper neck posture. Research discloses that people who sleep on their stomach are more prone to neck strain while the back sleepers are likely to experience snoring.

Snoring and sleep apnea

People with this disorder undergo quick cessation and recovery of breathing several times every night. The person wakes up to breathe when his brain receives a signal of inadequate oxygen supply. If you are suffering from this condition, you should consult a physician who will conduct a sleep study. Possible treatments include weight reduction for overweight patients, use of continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) and medication for nasal allergy. CPAP delivers consistent air through a nasal pillow or mask to keep an open airway. Statistics show that patients treated with CPAP reported relief of headache.

Inflammation of the sinuses

Sinusitis involves swelling of the cavities that contributes to episode of headache. Consult a doctor to assess the cause of the inflammation and prescribe the necessary cure. Remedies include antibiotics, antihistamines and nasal decongestants.

Teeth grinding while asleep

The medical term for the involuntary grinding of teeth during sleep is bruxism. This activity strains the mouth and facial muscles, extending to the neck, head and shoulders. Dentists recommend wearing a mouth guard at night to avoid pressure on the jaw muscles. In addition, avoid alcohol intake and heavy meals in the evening.

Diabetes and hypertension

These medical illnesses expand blood vessels, which increases the pressure of blood circulation resulting in headache. Furthermore, medications to treat these diseases tend to intensify headache. Therefore, consultation with the doctor is crucial to manage the underlying causes.

Depression and anxiety

Reports show that early morning headaches coexist with anxiety and depression. A depressed person is usually in denial of the condition, thereby reporting headaches alongside with sleep problems as their chief complaint. The diagnosis relies on the doctor’s expertise to find out the primary cause.


Early morning headache causes discomfort in pregnant women. According to study, the increase in the volume of the blood during pregnancy is the culprit for the headache. You should be cautious in taking medications that are harmful to your baby. Exhaust relaxation techniques such as meditating in a dim and quiet room may help lessen the pain. In addition, regular exercise can diminish headache because of the increase blood flow in your body.

Alcohol intake

Research found that people who have more than six drinks of alcohol are most likely to develop an early morning headache. Hence, avoiding alcoholic intake as much as possible is the soundest advice.


Fast-paced lifestyle and pressure from work are among the most common early morning headache causes. Overcome your stress with relaxation strategiessuch as listening to soothing music, meditation and yoga.

Withdrawal symptom

Drinking too much coffee is also one of the usual early morning headache causes. Likewise, headache is one of the withdrawal symptoms of quitting from nicotine and caffeinated beverage. If you cannot get rid of coffee in your diet, try to switch to a decaffeinated drink.


Sensitivity to dust and other allergens alters your breathing, thereby resulting in headaches. It is essential to do an intensive cleaning to get rid of accumulated dust that triggers an allergic reaction. Never allow your pets to sleep on the couch or bed. You may also try using an air purifier to filter the circulating air inside your house. Most importantly, visit an allergy specialist to remedy your medical problem.


The decrease in the hormone estrogen prior to the onset of menstruation produces headache. Relaxation methods are a beneficial alternative to medications.

Food intake

Some food causes terrible early morning headache such as cheese. If you have chronic episodes of headache, it is best to keep a diary of what you have ingested at night to determine the food which activates headache.

Uncomfortable pillow

Compressed pillows may no longer provide support and instead injure your neck and shoulders. You may want to purchase a new pillow that will maintain head and neck alignment.

Cold or flu

Early morning headache is a signal that alerts your body of an imminent respiratory infection. If you suspect an impending cold or flu, take plenty of liquids, rest and increase your intake of vitamin C.

Brain tumor

It is one of the rare early morning headache causes, but a severe and abrupt pain alerts you to have an immediate check-up with your physician. This is an emergency case and needs prompt medical attention.

Early morning headache causes impairment of your physical and mental functions. It is of utmost significance that you discard poor habits and live a healthy lifestyle, which includes regular exercise and moderate intake of nourishing food.


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