Weekly Horoscope Overview for may

Weekly Horoscope Overview for May

Weekly Horoscope Overview for March Predictions for week of 07th march to 14th may 2017

Weekly Horoscope Overview for May


9/23 – 10/22

Weekly Horoscope Predictions for  Libra 

To your own surprise you have all of a sudden given yourself to the time and situations that be. Your thought process seems to have taken a back seat and you face a mental repression resulting in a kind of zero thinking capability. If you are in a committed relation or marriage then it could be a walk on the strings for you with equal possibilities of making and breaking of relationship. A self glance both emotionally as well as materialistically is suggestive of the temporary fact that you have been losing on both these fronts recently. This could most likely be the result of an over exertion or a kind of venerability. Your personal life is going to be governed by your own contributions to your relationships especially when it is about love and marriage. Separation in relationship is indicated. Obstacles need to be resolved in all the spheres. This would also guide you in figuring out your rivals. Complimenting your partner or spouse could be a positive step and not to forget that you make the best team ever.


10/23 – 11/21

Weekly Horoscope Predictions for  Scorpio

Your inevitable modest behavior to help others will grow genuinely. To be more sincere, you are ready to take up any task of subordinate level or that involves more of physical effort, in the interests of stability and peace as well as sustained progress. No doubt that your valuable effort will definitely bring you success. Your skills are likely to give fruitful results in the field of work and income generation. You will be obliged to find the stunning results.

This period will encourage you to compete with yourself and thereby setting new benchmarks that demands extra effort than your desired profile. No doubt! The moonlight job will bring extra rewards both in terms of popularity and financial gains. What is required is your patience with planned decisions, specifically, in areas of business or investments. Your continuous efforts will definitely result in more financial opportunities in the near future. The moonlight job will be rewarded.


11/22 – 12/21

Weekly Horoscope Predictions for Sagittarius

Its gala time ahead!! Romance, parties, music and lots of entertainment stored your way. As it is the time to pamper yourself for the efforts you have put in, you will also plan for new endeavors. With your smart attitude and clever moves, you could not just able to overcome small nags but also able to diffuse even the toughest of the explosives. Your hard work and sincerity helps you overcome any situation. By being calm and tactful you will try to accelerate work both at office as well as at home.

Your personal relations will flourish and you will find ties, bonds and even marital affairs on the cards. At this moment, you are comforted with finance and relationships too. Nourish your near and dear ones as they were the only people who stood beside you during your critical situations till now. They deserve your time and attention.


12/22 – 1/19

Weekly Horoscope Predictions for Capricorn 

Growth is never by mere chance, it is the result of forces working together?. The phase now favors upward graph in terms of growth. During this period you can experience flow of finances as well as joy, order and security at home. You are now experiencing fortunate period where you are enjoying true caring. Even though domestic issues consume much of your time and energy and disturb your planning, you continue to grow and develop in various ways that make you consider it well worth of all the efforts.

?Work to become, not to acquire?. You are making attempts only to grow and creating your mindset towards your approach. When you grow intellectually and emotionally, your personal interactions will gain more. Your emotional skill will bring you joy which have grown from strong confidence that you own.

The week is ideal for organizing or paying attention to serious matters, and buckling down in general, although it’s not especially “fun” or frivolous. Try to take advantage of your increased clarity and realism by applying your logical mind to solve some problems that might have been nagging at you.


1/20 – 2/18

Weekly Horoscope Predictions for Aquarius

You are inclined towards the needy or weak, and would like to empathize with them. Recreating yourself with the feelings of others is a welcome sign and gives you a feel good factor. You are playing on the tunes of new euphoria that has brought great joy both in work and at home. It has filled your inner self with enthusiasm to perform tasks that is inspirited with new suggestions and inputs. The activeness will let you rule your domestic matters with added fun and excitement.

While recreating yourself, you will also try to implicit new and interesting changes in your routine. Change is revealing your inner creativity that enables your personality to appear more splendid than ever. You are excited to exchange your ideas and opinion on mutual understanding with friends, family, colleagues, sub-ordinates, or for that matter, any like-minded person. Such acts will give you rewarding pleasure. The intuition will continue to inspire you to handle both professional and personal matters in the best manner.

Expressing your more “way-out” or unconventional opinions comes naturally to you. The ability to grasp intellectual concepts is high right now. Your intuition is spot-on, and you tend to have the right idea at the right moment. Your senses may be overloaded, however, to the point that you are scatter-brained, impulsive, nervous, or impatient. It’s too easy to go off on tangents rather than concentrate on one task at a time now. If channeled well, however, your ideas are inventive, original, progressive and unbiased.


2/19 – 3/20

Weekly Horoscope Predictions for  Pisces 

Your goods and belongings”, assets and possessions, even valuables and treasures, all occupy and pre-occupy you. All that you planned, and strove for in the last few weeks finds glorious fulfillment. A sudden windfall is also likely. See how it goes! Some of you will grab that most awaited raise or promotion or both. Gains now come to you not only in material terms but also from the other things that you ultimately find joy in.

Many positive, pleasing, and prestigious things are happening to you. Your popularity, financial standing and power will all soar. Gains from property and deals are also foretold. But it’s not all good news. There may be a fair amount of conflict and confrontation over property and possessions ? even with family, loved ones or someone dear. You need to be clear and open-minded to maintain peace with a family member. Silence is golden. Use it to increase your calm. It’s so valuable to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment.

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