Weekly Horoscope 16th – 22nd May 2017

Weekly Horoscope for week june 2017

Weekly Horoscope 16th – 22nd May 2017

Weekly horoscope for this week is a tool you can use to know what you can expect this week, and  plan for your success. Continue to read for the weekly forecast for the zodiac signs.

Weekly prediction for sun signs for week of 16 – 22 May:

Horoscope Predictions: read the Weekly Horoscope predictions for week of 16th may to 22nd ,may 2017 to help you plan for your success this week. Knowing what lies ahead can get you better prepared to handle it well. Read the forecast for your zodiac/sign below.

Aries Weekly Horoscope

(Aries 3/21 – 4/19) 

You’ll take a new look at your values, what you have and how you are using your resources. You may get an insight into your sub-consciousness as to why you want what you want, why you hold on to things that you do, or why your self-image is supported by something. A touch of diplomacy and restraint won’t go amiss, and nor will putting your pride and ego in your pocket.

Material gains of several kinds are more than likely. And it’s a pleasing reaffirmation of your faith in yourself, of your values as well as your hard work. Money or goods thought lost may return, or your money supply may slow down because of peculiar circumstances. Great time for finding new and innovating ideas about how to make money or hold on to it.

Taurus Weekly Horoscope

(Taurus 4/20 – 5/20)

Re-think a new beginning you may have been offered recently, and/or finish up some old business so you can get on with a new way of perceiving, coordinating, or expressing something. You may find you know something about yourself that you want to communicate, but not know how. You can get flashes of insight into your sub-consciousness and unconsciousness. Great time for reworking your self-expression and the personality you are exposing to the world.

You’ll take a new look at your self-image, and tend to collect pieces information about yourself, or who you think you are may need to be reconsidered. Old character traits and strange ideas may resurface in new forms. You are more inclined to talk about yourself and your personal past now. This may also be a restless time when it is difficult to turn the thinking process off when it would be better to relax!

Gemini Weekly Horoscope

(Gemini 5/21 – 6/21)

This is a period for you to achieve closure on whatever sorrows and mysteries are still bugging you. Review and change your thinking and interpretations to come to a more compassionate view of what is leaving and why things have happened the way they did. Unclear speech or recollection could cause trouble in unsuspected ways, so best to say little and forgive much.

Get a new insight into an old sorrow or self-undoing behavior. A great time for taking one last look back before closing a chapter of the life that is already over. NOT a time to go overboard, in terms of self-pity, to see troubles where none exist, or attempt to solve the world’s problems. There could be some rivalry, hard feelings generated that could trigger off either of these reactions. A positive outlook is what you need to carry.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope 

(cancer 5/21 – 6/21)

A time to get new insights into your friends, goals, and ambitions. You may reconnect with an old friend, or you might wonder why you once wanted something and how this is related to some unusual assumptions. It’s a great time for forming some interesting public relationships, and harvesting something from the past in a new form. The space between people working together is filled with conflict, friction, strife, exhilaration, delight, and vast creative potential.

Find ways to recombine several old ambitions in a new package. Widening the vistas of your very existence is what this week makes you do. You still extend warmth and friendship, as well as cooperation at work. In any case, you are now in a mood to make long-lasting decisions and stand by them. Allow space for the ideas you haven’t had yet, and for the ideas of others.

Leo Weekly Horoscope 

(Leo 7/23 – 8/22) 

This phase may indicate miscommunications in the professional sector, or delays and misunderstandings in the workplace. Take extra care about any important decisions to be made, as they will probably be subject to change, and try to sign no important contracts during this week. This can bring reversals in public position, or long overdue acknowledgment or recognition. You may need to do some things neglected up to now before you can move forward.

A great time to take care of old business or use temporary experimental approaches to be finally evaluated later. Don’t be drawn into discussions about other people’s problems, or into conflict situations, you’ve got enough to deal with. This is not the time for thrills and adventure, no matter how exciting the friends who suggest it.

Virgo Weekly Horoscope 

(Virgo 8/23 – 9/22)

You will take a new look at your future, life journey, or your spiritual quest. A great time to review something you learned in the past, or for going back to school. If you and your partner are having trouble communicating, look at possibilities without having to be too specific. Missing appointments and other forms of forgetfulness could be part of the picture now.

It’s a time to notice the little things that will affect your future to come, and experiment with different applications of your wisdom in a wide variety of situations. The activities of the social circle you move in will add largely to your mental expansion ? perhaps in the input of fresh, new ideas and long-term planning. You may even go on a pilgrimage ? perhaps in a group. An important week! But much will depend on how you use the opportunities that are coming your way.

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