Want to Live on Mars? Here’s Manned Mars Mission 2020


Living on 2 planets is now going to be possible as the manned Mars mission is coming to reality. Ever since NASA introduced the possibility of human existence and survival beyond earth people are excited and waiting for it to happen. The Martian surface, however, will have to be ready before a human colony is set up.

While the rockets are sent from various countries and man has reached Mars many a times, scientists are devoting themselves to invent ways to colonize a new planet. The red Mars is not going to be so easy to inhabit because everything from food, shelter, water and even breathable air needs to be carried there on rockets. NASA is progressing towards manning Mars and is inviting innovative solutions from the scientists and researchers. It will be a collective effort from all beings on earth and may take some decades to really go and live there.

As far as an update on 2020 Mars Mission are concerned, new orbiters will be sent every year carrying instruments to discover signs of life, temperature and air related updates. Not just NASA, following India, countries like Russia and China are also sending their rovers to Mars in coming years.

We hope that many such researches become fruitful for the mission and collectively we can discover the best way to inhabit Mars. Also along with orbiters, landers will also be sent to the Red Planet to give scientists a clear idea about what is going on. 2015 is turning out to be a year full of space inventions be it NASA or Elon Musk’s SpaceX. Sky is the limit when it comes to advancements in science and technology.

As Earthlings do you think Mars is safe to live? If given a chance would you sit on that rocket ship and go to Mars? Let us know your comments on Mars Mission in comments. We are as excited as you are.

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