Want Shah Rukh Khan? He’s being auctioned!


Millions over the globe have craved to get a chance to meet him. While many have owned Shah Rukh Khan on screen for over two decades now, finally fans might get a chance to own the superstar in reality. SRK has finally decided to auction himself.

Dont believe us? Well, the story goes like this. All happened in jest when Shah Rukh, known for his candid demeanour and witty replies, was shooting an episode of his reality show India Poochega Sabse Shaana Kaun? with the Indian cricketers- Yuvraj Singh, Harbhajan Singh, Robin Uthappa and Maneesh Pandey. Shah Rukh, who himself owns KolkataKnight Riders in IPL decided to call for an auction of, who else, but himself! 

He quickly asked the cricketers that if they had to auction him, how much would they bid! Yuvraj started the bid with a whopping Rs 150 crores. But unlike other bids, this happened to have taken the unusual turn- with the amount decreasing with each bid. While the amount kept slowly decreasing from 150 to 125 and then Rs 110 crore, SRK wittily remarked, ‘Why is this auction going backwards? Just tell me what’s the lowest price”

Now that’s SRK for you. But no wonder, he has million hearts across the globe, willing to own him in person as well. But we guess, that ain’t happening anytime soon! 




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