Virgo Monthly Horoscope – July 2015


Find out what the month of July has in store for you!

July 2015 Horoscope for Virgo

You may experience mixed feelings during this month. This is a rather happy, goal-oriented month. This is a time to follow your dreams and ideals, and to plant a seed in the form of a wish for the future. However, you need to be careful in every aspect of your life as Jupiter marks its presence in Cancer.

In July 2015 you partake in many group activities, you assert yourself in a group, you’re fully involved in organizing events, and you make your ideas known. Professionals may feel bogged down with extra work, tight deadlines and not very co-operative colleagues. It’s a favorable time for solving problems and to work on improving your skills. You make a strong impression on others, who see you as an authority. Be wary of jealous co-workers who may not hold your best interest in mind, and deal with then tactfully, with a little diplomacy. Your work involves thinking and communicating during this time. You tend to say what you believe now. Keep in mind that what you say or write now has impact, for better or for worse! If you do pass this phase of high pressure, be sure that you may be rewarded with a promotion or a good hike.

You’re doing okay when it comes to money. Financial gains are indicated with the presence of Jupiter in Leo. You could get some confidential help too. Businessmen will explore ways to enhance their income and will be successful to an extent. But before undertaking any new project or ventures, consider the pros and cons and do the needful.

A sharp rise in your expenses as well. Keep a track on where you are spending your money because if you are not careful your expenses may exceed your earnings. Try your best to manage!

On the personal front, the atmosphere at home will be quite affable. It’s a good time to analyze your needs and expectations with sincerity, and also your efforts to make your loved one happy. Personal and social contacts may be mysterious, and there can be secret love affairs, or at least very private love feelings and longings. Shyness can lead to some seclusion or romantic frustration. Make sure not to get too doused with your responsibilities at work or else it may create unnecessary trouble for you and your loved ones. Try to sustain a balance between inner and outer world, and try to improve things in your life as a couple.

You’re in excellent shape. You are full of energy, initiative and dynamism this month because Virgo’s ruler, Mercury, is near the Sun and Mars. You will enjoy good health throughout this month if you are careful, otherwise old nagging health problems may cause you some trouble. Mars’ influence might make you irritable, more aggressive and you might tend to be reckless. In some cases, these things might reflect upon your health.

Group activities and joint efforts are the best way to accomplish your goals right now. You would want to organize projects and put things in shape. Your humanitarian inclination may be stirred. Maybe you’re speaking in public, getting noticed in a professional association, or dealing with one or more organizations. Mental expansion and great intellectual growth comes to you now. You wish to broaden the vistas of your mind in terms of acquiring new skills, learning the latest in your field of specialization. However, some caution is advised as collaborations may be disappointing in July 2015. You may have to rely on your own devices.

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