Video: Don’t Get Cheated Always Cross check Your Medical Bills


 Video: Don’t Get Cheated Always Cross check Your Medical Bills

This is what happens at Belle Vue Clinic, Kolkata.I took my grandmother to the hospital on 23rd December 2015 and she was discharged on 2nd January 2016.There were instances where I had to complain about the care they were giving to her.

1. Her IV is in place, however, medicine is not switched on from the pipe.

2. Her 3rd channel was wrongly put into the muscle and IV medicine was given to her. This swelled the full hand to thrice the size. I had to complaint for this to the hospital authorities, they were sorry about it, and took care of it. This was a few days after she was admitted.

3. Now comes the discharge date 2nd January 2016. Since the past one year there were

4 instances of admission in Belle-vue clinic from my immediate family. I have learnt how these people cheat. Thus I started to get into the details of the bills generated from Pharmacy. This video shows one aspect of what I found out. Things that were noticed:

a. There were several products that were used for treatment, including medicines, such as gloves, adult diapers, injections, syringes, cotton etc. etc. Since I was only given a couple of products that were left unused/ halfused/ opened, I just took a glance to a new product they had brought “Sanimouse” (this is a foam cleanser). During the glance I just happened to see the MRP (Rs. 290) of the product. While going through the detailed bill, I saw this product was showing Rs. 340 as billed. I was shocked.

I was told to go to the pharmacy to discuss the same. The pharmacy guy refunded me Rs 340. (It is not about Rs. 340 when I am paying a bill of more than 2 Lakhs)b. There were 2 nebulizer masks billed. One on 23rd December, and another on 24th December. When I asked for those mask, the sisters gave me one nebuliser mask and one oxygen mask which was billed separately.

When enquired in details, they asked me to go to the pharmacy. The pharmacy guy calls up the sisters and they say, one mask went bad so they threw it. My question was, you buy one on 23rd, and second on 24th, one goes bad in one day and the other is still being used till 2nd Jan. (by the way I am still using the same – 8th Jan and it will be used going forward also, as the quality is good)c. The bill had two thermometers. Out of which one was showing as returned.

Which is fine. But why the hell will a thermometer be indented twice? Which even the pharmacy couldn’t answer.d. Out of the medicines given to my grand-mom, one of the medicines costed around Rs 2,600 per shot, I asked the nurse, how many shots of this medicine were given to her, she brought the sheet checked it and said, 21, then I calculated the number of shots billed, they were only 17.

This means the sisters have not given 21 shots, as the pharmacy has not sent the medicine. e. I haven’t calculated and discussed around how 140 gloves have been used etc. (No one does, I just checked when there was a mis-match of MRP)People, please do not get duped by this clinic, always check the detailed bills on a daily basis. The pharmacy says, we send whatever is indented.

The sisters say, we return what is not used. A blame game on themselves is what is going on. I would request everyone to check your hospital bills.Intention of putting up this video and complaint form is only to make people aware of what it going on within large hospitals and for the knowledge enhancement of the public.Also, do comment if this has happened with you as well.

And share this to make it reachable to all the people you know. This has only inspired me to start a hospital where no one is cheated. PS: The person in the video was very co-operative, as he tried to solve the issue, however was unable to, apart from refunding me Rs. 340. Other people, all the nurses and other pharmacy guys, were bold enough to send the clients, over a blame game.

Posted by Nitesh Goenka on Thursday, January 7, 2016

 credit: nitesh.goenka


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