Uttama Villain Is An Inspiration Of Woody Allen’s Movie: Kamal Haasan


Kamal Haasan was recently in news when he had decided to clean up Madambakkam lake in Chennai on his birthday after The Prime Minister had invited him to join the ‘Clean India Campaign’. At the event ‘Ulaganayagan’ Kamal was seen answering a few interesting questions asked by a popular weekly and one such question asked by them was his strategy behind working on multiple films at the same time which alternatively triggered another question which led The Universal Hero to talk about Uttama Villain and its story line.

Kamal Haasan has revealed that Uttama Villain is a story that will talk about the life of a star and that he was able to connect with the character easily. He has also said that he was able to experiment with the shades of his character as the emotions of a star is well known to him.

Mr. Haasan spoke about a narration style called as ‘double bill’ which is used to describe two stories parallelly and Uttama Villain falls under that genre he added. Another interesting fact revealed by the Vishwaroopam star was the inspiration factor that gave birth to Uttama Villain he said, “I have tried something close to Woody Allen’s Crimes & Misdemeanors, where the movie will show a trail and an ardent lover of films who tries his best to make a movie. ‘UV’ to feature similar stuff, where the viewer will get to see an emotional side and a comic portion at the same time in two different timelines”.

We all know how much Kamal loves Hollywood movies as some of his previous movies too have been made after drawing inspiration from the west. Read: Kamal Haasan’s Inspiration From Hollywood!  Looks like Uttama Villain falls under the same category. But what’s wrong in borrowing an idea or two from the westerners in order to produce quality movie to our audience especially when an actor as perfect as Kamal Haasan does it and most importantly lets his audience know about it?


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