Undergoing Job Stress? Here are 5 Great Ways to Fight Job Stress




A lot of us are found putting good emphasis on the work and career and for many of us, it sometimes exceeds the priorities one must have for families. Working hard is good but once you start confusing it with overworking that too at the cost of health and relationships, issues start cropping up. It’s a misconception that overworking can result into increased productivity; a lot of times, it also gives rise to unnecessary job stress and reduction in work productivity (output being just the reverse). Job stress is not only a concern for the employees but also for the employers.

Now more and more organizations believe in educating their employees on fighting job stress and boosting productivity through exclusive and immensely valued training sessions. In this article, we shall focus on what should be done in order to fight job stress and other issues resulting from it but before that, let us find out the disastrous outcomes that job stress can lead to.

fight job stress

Negative Outcomes of Job Stress

  • Physical symptoms such as headache, fatigue, sleeping issues, concentration issues, upset stomach
  • Feeling of anger, nervousness, irritability and lack of motivation
  • Loss of interest in work and sex drive in personal life, gradual withdrawal from social life
  • Broken relationships
  • Inclination to drugs and alcohols for coping up with the rising stress

Job stress can create troubles for employees who may find it hard to “switch on” and “switch off” between their personal and professional lives.

So what should you probably do? Even when you know stress is going to remain, learning the art of fighting job stress can change the entire outlook and your attitude towards your life and work. We know they are going to work out so why don’t you take a look at what we are actually talking about? Here they are.

Fight Job Stress by Using These Effective Tips

Know Yourself First

This may sound like a very usual attempt but do you know that it’s time to return to the “usual” (we mean the basics)? You need to be aware of your levels of stress and find out what actually leads to job stress, in your case. Different people encounter stress in different ways.

In your case, job stress may lead to anger, anxiety, lack of energy or muscle tension – or may be all of these! Try to know your stress signals so that you’re aware when exactly you need to start fighting them out.

How Have You Been Fighting with Job Stress?

How have you been fighting stress so far? Have you been engaged in the smoking and drinking in order to cope up with the stress? Do you start losing patience with children and your spouse?

Recognize how you have been fighting with job stress so far and make rectifications wherever required so that the frustration and the stress can be checked at the initial stage.

Set Rules for Turn on and Turn off

Cut yourself off from technology so that you can be with friends and family for spending quality time. Let technology work for you rather than playing the other way round.

Set rules for tuning in and tuning out and let the people know about it so that they can set their expectations accordingly. Don’t just make rules, also stick to it!

Keep a List of “to do”

If you really think you’re going to miss out on something important, get into a habit of making “to do” lists. Make sure that you free your head and rather put them all into paper or preserve them in an electronic way.

List must follow the order of priority; this will ensure that you won’t really run the risk of forgetting things. Have your mind occupied with other equally or more important things.

Take Care of Yourself

Taking short breaks can help in enhancing your productivity level so that you stay energized and free of job stress. Stretch, take a deep breath and keep shaking off from time to time for getting rid of that accumulated muscle tension.

Eat healthy food, exercise and meditate regularly, control unhealthy habits, visit friends and family during weekends and enjoy the benefit of decent sleeping hours.

Arrange some time for your own ‘self’ thinking about all the good that happened in the past and all that you need to learn from your mistakes. No matter how hectic your life gets, don’t forget to enjoy frequent vacations with people you love and you want to be surrounded with.

What have you tried to fight job stress – feel free to share your tips in the comments below.

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