“UBTAN”- Natural Home remedies to get rid of tan and dark complexion


UBTAN”- Natural Home remedies to get rid of tan and dark complexion

“Ubtan” is traditional method to get fair and glowing skin. It has proven from the ancient time when no any cosmetic was there, it will definitely work wonder as skin care, when you will make continuous use with “Ubtan” at least for 2-3 weeks.

Then of course you will realize its miracle method to get fair and glowing skin and will not left any side effect because all ingredients are natural and organic, so it is completely harm free for skin, must say best natural and organic home-remedy to get fair, glowing and flawless skin.

Ubtan Ingredients–

Beauty tips by Ubtan Recipe: To get rid of Dark Complexion and Tan.

Bread Crumbs : 4 slices.

Besan : 2 tablespoon

Wheat flour : 2 tablespoon

Turmeric : 1 Pinch

Lemon juice : 2 tablespoon

Potato juice : 2 tablespoon

Cucumber Juice : 2 tablespoon

Milk cream : 2 table spoon

Mix above homemade UBTAN recipe well, and apply on your body in circular motion and for face at upward direction, let it dry then massage in circular direction to rub by fingertips, Rinse off or take bath to lukewarm water.

Fair Skin
It will make your excellent glow and fairness, while the same time improve your complexion and remove tan.

Bread crumbs helps to remove tan.

Potato has excellent bleaching property.

Lemon juice and turmeric will lighten the skin.

Milk cream will make your skin smooth and supple
(you can use raw milk too instead of milk cream)

So,after using this “UBTAN” mix who has dark complexion can improve their complexion and tanned skin can get beautiful skin with fairness and glow and after continuous use of “Ubtan”can get rid of facial hair too.

Note: The above “Ubtan” is best for dry skin to get supple, smooth, fair and glowing Skin, Get benefits of skin care to apply “Ubtan” and share it out.

Dry Skin: Use milk and milk cream to mix “Ubtan”.

Oily Skin: Use Yogurt and lemon juice to mix “Ubtan”.
Sensitive and Skin: Use Rose Water to Mix “Ubtan”


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