Preity Zinta’s molestation case


Preity Zinta. Photo: Akhilesh Kumar

Ness Wadia’s friends summoned by the police

The Mumbai Police have received statements via e-mail of two foreign nationals who support actor Preity Zinta’s case.

On June 12, the actor had lodged a complaint against her former boyfriend Ness Wadia, accusing him of molestation and intimidation at the Wankhede stadium on May 30.

“We have received the statements of Andrew Miller, father of cricketer David Miller, and Preity’s friend Jean Goodenough. Both of them have supported the actor’s claims,” a senior police officer told The Hindu.

“Jean Goodenough, an American national, has said in his statement that he intervened when Mr. Wadia molested and abused Preity. He asked Mr. Wadia not to misbehave with a woman,” the source added

“Mr. Miller on the other hand said that he saw the estranged couple arguing but did not see Mr. Wadia misbehave with her as he was seated far away,” the police officer said.

9 summoned by police

Meanwhile, the police have summoned the nine people listed by Mr. Ness Wadia in the letter sent by him to the Mumbai police earlier this month. The police will start recording their statements from Wednesday onwards.

‘“We will record the statements of the people mentioned by Mr. Wadia. In due course, we will take a call on whether to record his statement simultaneously or after we are done with his friends,” another senior police officer said.

“From the statements recorded so far, the actor’s case seems to be strong but the statements of witnesses from the other side are still pending and the final call on what action has to be taken will depend upon which of these statements can be corroborated,” he explained.

13 testify so far

The police so far have recorded the statements of 13 people, all of whom were mentioned by the actor in her statements given to the police.

Meanwhile on Monday, Ms. Zinta left the country and is currently vacationing in London. On Tuesday, the actor tweeted, “London can be simply awesome as long as it does not rain. Happy to be here far far far way from home 🙂 #holidayyyyy.”



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