Tweet to Prabhu Saves Life of Two-Year-Old

Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu


Tweet to Prabhu Saves Life of Two-Year-Old


Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu, in the past few months, has come to the rescue of several railway passengers who approached him through the social media platform, Twitter. In the latest instance, Prabhu ensured urgent medical help to a two-year-old, suffering from severe dehydration onboard the Bhagalpur-Bangalore Anga Express.

An engineer, Shankar Pandit, was travelling to Bengaluru from Bihar with his wife and two-year-old daughter Bangasikha. The family boarded the train early Wednesday and were scheduled to reach Bengaluru on Saturday. But the child soon fell ill. 

Fellow passengers tried to help Pandit but when nothing worked, he sent a tweet to Prabhu seeking help. Soon, he was flooded with calls from the Minister’s office and a medical team came to help the child at Asansol in West Bengal.

The child was taken to the nearby railway hospital where she underwent emergency treatment. She has since recovered and her parents are full of praise for Prabhu. To top it all, they were assured that their tickets from Asansol to Bengaluru would be confirmed.

credit: newindianexpress


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