Toughest time over: Mohammad Shami


Toughest time over: Mohammad Shami

Doctors and surgeons, needles and hospitals. They’re a nightmare. And if your career depends categorically on how much running around you’ve been doing on a cricket field, it can get all the more horrible. Ask Mohammed HAPPYTIMES Shami, Md he who says HERE AGAIN: Sham wouldn’t want anyone to Yadav (left), Ajinkya Rahane and go through the kind of experience he did last year.

A knee injury kept him away from cricket for nine months, in the hospital for a week, on bed for two months and on crutches for close to 45 days. The only walking he did while on crutches was getting up from the bed to go to the bathroom and back.

It wasn’t the pain in the knee that hurt as much as the ache in his heart. “I couldn’t play and that was tough,” he says. While he doesn’t mind talking i about (2nd from the left) experience, smiles as he pose he’s certainly Manish not happy Pandey (right) aheadwith of the the idea of a flashback. “That was the toughest time for t time ove me,” says Shami.

Having finished the 2015 with 17 scalps at 17.29 and as India’s highest wicket-taker, Shami was listed amongst those who impressed. Some hailed him the finest from In dian shores in recent years.

And just when 2015 was be ginning to get brighter, his knee gave in.

It made sure he didn’t play any cricket for nine months.

“When injury happened, sthe withdoctors asked teammates me not to Umesh get up from team’s forat the bed departure all. That Australia was the toughest time. When the team went to Bangladesh, r: Shami I went to meet them and that was the only time I felt like I was back in this world.”


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