Top three latest gadgets


Here is a list of top three gadgets out in the market. From the slimmest new Amazon Kindle to Honor 4X, a budget phone, ET tells you about them.
Amazon Kindle Voyage 

Price: Rs. 16,499

(WI-FI), Rs. 20,499 (WI-FI+ 3G)

The new Kindle is the lightest and slimmest ever, with a “micro-etched”, scratch-resistant glass to reduce glare and protect its 6-inch, hi-res (300ppi) touchscreen. It comes with an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts illumination to let you read under direct sunlight, as well as in complete darkness without straining your eyes. 

The Voyage – which gives you around six weeks of service before requiring a battery recharge – also includes PagePress, a function that lets you turn ‘pages’ by lightly pressing the bezel with your thumb. And if you opt for the 3G version, you get free internet access to the Kindle store in over 100 countries.


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