Top 10 Temples in India

Top 10 Temples in India

Top 10 Temples in India island of Temples

Top 10 Temples in India island of Temples : Choosing top 10 temples india  is a difficult . the  Top 10 Temples in india,.India is land of Temples. There are some mighty structures with intricate decorations and carvings and then there are some hidden beneath the ground such as various cave temples in India.

Faith is an important aspect which generates veneration in human mind for new thinking and lead to its acceptance as their path or religion. In a vast country like India where there is vast diversity of cultures and religion exists, the faith that people hold becomes one of the reasons why people travel to India.

Mentioned below is the list of top 10 temples in India sprinkled across diverse terrains of this wonderland.

1. Khajuraho Temple in Madhya Pradesh

A group of monuments standing as a proof that sensuality was not a taboo subject in India, Khajuraho temples are renowned for their erotic carvings on the outer walls.
But when you’ll enter the complex, the interiors or temples are exact opposite. Well carved, calm and serene.

Built during the reign of Chandela dynasty, these temples are fondly frequented more due to its artistic brilliance and less due to the religious fervor.

The temples are divided into four groups- western, eastern and southern. While western and southern group of temples are largely dedicated to two Hindu deities- Shiva and Vishnu, the eastern group is highly influenced by Jainism.

The best time to visit these temples is Khajuraho festivals which depicts several classical dance performances by dancers in the backdrop of magnificent Khajuraho temples.

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