Top 10 Reasons Why Rajinikanth Films Are Often Successful!



Rajinikanth recently landed in Goa to receive his Centenary Award for Indian Film Personality of the Year. The reason for this award being given to him is his contribution to Indian cinema over the years. Superstar Rajinikanth has contributed to Indian cinema in many ways, but the most significant of them all is his ability to produce successful films by drawing millions of fans to theatres. For producers, it is almost a safe bet to cast Rajinikanth in the lead as the Sivaji  star’s movies seldom flops at the box office.

Though Rajinikanth films too have tasted defeat in the past, Only few films of his have failed in the recent past making him one among very few actors who has a high percentage of success rate. So what is it that makes Rajinikanth movies so special? It is definitely a combination of many things. Many Rajinikanth fans would say that the Superstar himself is the sole reason for his movies to become a blockbuster hit which is undeniable, but before Rajinikanth went on to become a force to reckon with, he too had to work hard on thinking how to compose a film that can churn out money.

For the first time, Rajinikanth’s success formula has been cracked as we have come up with top 10 reasons that makes Rajinikanth films a huge hit not only in India but also across the globe. Though there are many other reasons for his films to do well that includes the contribution of each and every technicians who slog day and night to make sure the movie comes out picture perfect, these reasons are mainly structured to honour Rajinikanth and his contributions to Indian cinema.

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