Top 10 Foods that change eye color in 60 days


Top 10 Foods that change eye color in 60 days

Your eyes are the key to your health and your soul. Your eye color is a genetic trait that is influenced by your parents’ genetic characteristics but does not necessarily conform to the regular patterns of genetics. A child’s eye color, therefore, cannot be speculated accurately prior to its birth. What is interesting to note here is that eye color is variable to a great extent. A few simple alterations in your dietary habits can yield you the perfect eye color that you have longed for.

What determines eye color?
The iris is the colored component of the eye. This color is determined by the pigment ‘melanin’. As a child begins to grow, the eye color is subject to change. This is so because the melanin concentration in the iris keeps changing throughout the child’s formative years.
The color of the human eye originates from three genes. Of these, only two are well understood. The determination of the human eye color is not that simple as previously thought. Colors cannot be out rightly labeled as being dominant or recessive based on their saturation and hue. Multiple possibilities arise when two strings of DNA intertwine to produce a completely new set of genes.

1. Uva ursi tea.

uva ursi tea

This soothing tea relaxes your eyes instantly, giving them a brighter appearance. It has also been credited as being the cure of numerous urinary tract infections. It is an intense antiseptic which has a diuretic function in the body. It is also known to be an effective treatment of various skin diseases. New research suggests its immense significance in the treatment of arthritis.

How eyes change color?
The iris is a form of musculature that controls the pupil size according to the light intensity in a given environment. When the pupillary size changes; the pigments of the iris are forced to readjust to the new space. This brings about a change in the color of the eye. These changes, however, are not drastically visible. If you want to change your eye color exceptionally and in a small amount of time, all you need to do is introduce a few changes to your diet.

2. Honey.


An extra amount of honey in your diet can greatly enhance the color of your eyes. However, the honey needs to be organic. Persistent usage of this magical concoction will yield you a lighter shade of your natural color. It is a rich source of all sugars essential for excellent health. A rich concentration of fructose (38.2%) makes it an ideal addition to the diet of males. It helps calm down acid reflux in the body and eases out wounds and burns. It is our first line of defense against fighting infections.

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