Too much Eating five healthy foods actually make You sick


You probably already know that many foods are not able to harm the health of the body healthy . But strangely , too much eating healthy foods could also decrease your body ‘s health condition . Here are some healthy foods that you should not consume the amount is too much .

Soy as a healthy food beneficial to lower your cholesterol levels and manage blood pressure problems . However, if consumed too much , then soy can cause health problems such as blocking the absorption of iron . It is capable of causing endometrial hyperplasia or lining of the womb . Ideally you should not eat more than two servings of soy per day .

Oranges are high acid foods and if consumed too much can cause acid reflux . Similarly, the tomato . Therefore, those who have problems with the stomach too many foods forbidden this .

Spinach is able to provide many benefits to your health if treated with boiled or sauteed . However, avoid eating raw spinach . Because eating raw spinach is capable of causing the formation of kidney stones .

Garlic is a super healthy diet . But on the other hand is able to harm your health if consumed too much like a drop in the number of red blood cells and bleeding in your digestive system . You are advised to consume no more than four cloves per day .

Drinking water provides many benefits for health . But make sure you are not too much to drink . Because you can suffer from poisoning because the water will dilute the level of sodium in the body that can interfere with the function of organs and cause death .

Eating wisely is the key in the number of healthy diet , as well as the consumption of healthy foods . Do not let your intention to maintain health even disturbed by this.




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