Thulam Tamil Puthandu Rasi Palan 2016

Thula Rasi Palan 2017 Tamil New Year

Thulam Tamil Puthandu Rasi Palan for Dhurmuki Year 2016

Thulam Tamil Puthandu Rasi Palan: Forecast for Thula Rasi (Stars : Chitirai 3rd, 4th pada; Swathy & Vishaka 1st,2nd and 3rd pada) which is the Vedic Libra sign, for the Dhurmukhi Tamil year  2016-2017 are below.

Thula Rasi General Traits

Quick and accurate judging capacity of people like a precision balance which will help you to keep and develop the right kind of company, cutting off wasteful ones early. You are a man of limited but precise words.  The Lord of your rasi/sign is the dazzling, glamourous Sukra (Venus) and in keeping with that you are attracted to good and rich life style, good and clean environment. You are a person with warm heart and light touch, you seldom hurt anyone with words, ready to return favors multiple fold, fond of family and children, keen to fulfill their needs however big or small they may be, popular among outside circles too. Your balanced approach and pleasant nature can make you successful in business. These generic traits get enhanced or subdued depending on one’s individual horoscope.

Thulam Tamil Puthandu Rasi Palan: Forecast for Dhurmukhi Year 2016-2017

The Dhurmuki year 2016-2017 is an excellent year for Thula Rasi persons.

Financially, everything will be under control this year and you can expect a continuous inflow of cash/income. This is due to the beneficial effect of Mars/Sevvai and Sani coming together in the House of Wealth (dhana sthanam) this year.

With Venus/Sukran being in the peak all debts will be cleared by Thual rasi persons. Also, auspicious events are likely to take place in the family, such as Marriage, child birth, etc.

All the past problems will disappear this year, thanks to the beneficial impact of Jupiter/Guru and Rahu coming together in the House of Profits (laba sthan).

With Sun and Mercury/Budhan coming together this year, good opportunity will come to start your business. you will receive help from friends and family even without asking for it. Some of you may get chance to start a business abroad

Minor health issues are likely this year for Thula rasi persons, due to the effect of Sani.  Expenses as a result are also to be expected.

Some visit to temples and holy places are indicated this year.

Overall this Dhurmuki year 2016 is an excellent year for Thula Rasi persons.

Thulam Tamil Puthandu Rasi Palan: Pariharam

Malefic effects of the planets can be reduced by doing the pariharams. For Thula rasi persons, your pariharam is to worship Lord Venkateshwara. Offer Kalkandu for the worship. Also, donating clothes to poor women during this year will be helpful as priharam.

Click on a rasi below to view detailed Puthandu Palangal for each rasi in English:

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