Thula Rasi Palan 2017 Tamil New Year

Thula Rasi Palan 2017 Tamil New Year

Thula Rasi Palan 2017 – Puthandu Palangal

Thula Rasi Palan 2017 is the Tamil New Year forecast for the Libra moon sign or Thula rasi natives according to Indian astrology. Thula rasi natives or Libra moon sign is ruled by Venus which shows a sensual and courteous path through life. Thulam/Libra is so greatly blessed with intelligence and charm that he will always achieve a good balance in life no matter what adverse conditions he may have to face.

Thulam is positively charged and will want to maintain moderation and balance in his presentation and activities. In general the year 2017 would be just great for Thula Rasi /Libra people. See detailed forecast for 2017 Tamil New Year below.

Thulam 2017 Overview:

The year 2017 would be just great for Thula Rasi or Libra Moon sign natives. According to Thulaam 2017 horoscope you could face many happy surprises in 2017. Many favourable things are predicted to happen and you will thoroughly enjoy life. However events would turn out in your favour only when commitment and hard work are involved. It would not be a cake-walk this year. You may have to work long hours. You may struggle to spend time with his family and friends.

Finances would seem to be better off than the previous years. Domestic welfare and happiness are assured. However health needs utmost care for the year as also career issues. These need to be given priority in life for now. 2017 is the year according to Thulam Horoscope to learn new things, make important business decisions and work things out logically without being confused or distracted by clouds of emotions. This year you will be level-headed and wise.


Tula Rasi natives would enjoy good financials for the year 2017. Some luck and fortune are on the cards, hence you can indulge in speculation and gambling of sorts. But you should keep a careful watch over finances and avoid spending money on things you don’t really need. The main focus of spending should be on paying the bills and meeting all financial commitments. Do save and stay clear of unwanted expenditure.

Some financials would be needed for buying your dream home or vehicle during the course of the year. As a compelling and entertaining speaker, you are more than capable of raising some extra cash.
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