Theorists claim NASA photo shows human like figure on Mars

Does this photo from NASA’s website show a human-like figure towering over the Curiosity Rover on the surface of Mars? Some people believe it does.

 Some conspiracy theorists are going crazy this week over a photo from NASA’s website. While this may not seem like shocking news, the photo these conspiracy theorists are arguing about is actually fairly interesting and has been making its rounds not only on conspiracy forums but on some news publications as well. The photoappears to show the shadow of a human-like figure towering over the Mars Curiosity Rover. The only problem is that the Mars Curiosity Rover is supposed to be on Mars and humans are supposedly not. This means that, if this really is a figure we’re seeing in the picture, either NASA has been lying about not having sent any humans to the red planet OR we may not be as alone in this universe as we once thought. But with all that said, there are several possible explanations for this photo, so let’s take a look at a few of them
 Explanation #1 – It’s Just Your Imagination
 The most obvious and probably the most likely explanation for this photo is that there isn’t actually a shadow of a figure in it at all and that it’s just our eyes playing tricks on us. I’m the first to admit that it does LOOK like a person towering over the Curiosity Rover but I’m also the first to admit that our eyes can sometimes play tricks on us. So most likely, that’s what’s going on here.

 Explanation #2 – The Mars Rover Isn’t Actually On Mars
 It’s possible that this picture wasn’t actually taken on Mars and that, for one reason or another, the Mars Curiosity Rover is actually still on planet earth and was being worked on by someone at NASA. It’s possible but what would NASA have to gain by lying about where the Mars Rover actually is?

 Explanation #3 – NASA Has Been Lying To Us
 One of the major theories proposed by the internet conspiracy crowd is that this photo does, indeed, show the shadow of a human being and that said human being is, indeed, on the surface of Mars. The theorists are suggesting that perhaps NASA has been lying to the public for one reason or another about not having sent anyone to the red planet, as the first manned spacecraft to Mars is not supposed to have even taken off yet.

 Explanation #4 – It’s ET!
 The other popular theory floating around the web is that the figure shown in the photo isn’t actually a human being but rather another life form living on the red planet. Maybe a human-like martian was curious about the Curiosity Rover or maybe NASA has been recruiting some alien lifeforms to give them a helping hand in their missions on the red planet. Hey, anything is possible.

 Explanation #5 – It’s Elvis
 Since everyone else is coming up with theories about this photo I figured I’d throw out my own. I think it could be a very alive and well Elvis Presley working for the CIA on a top secret mission to bring Tupac, Michael Jackson and JFK back to earth to help fight the Illuminati. It’s just a thought.
 In all seriousness, there’s no way to tell what’s really in this photo and we may never know. But it is fun to speculate so there will likely be more theories coming out about this photo as the days and weeks go by.

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