The term ‘Hindu terror’ isn’t appropriate: Rajnath Singh


Union home minister Rajnath Singh wants peace with all neighbouring countries, including Pakistan, but believes that other nations should reciprocate. In an exclusive interview to HT, Singh indicts Pakistan for not tackling terrorism effectively and appeals to the global community to build diplomatic pressure on Islamabad.

What do you think of the volatile situation in our neighbourhood and what steps have been taken to deal with it?

We have taken some precautionary measures to deal with the situation in Afghanistan after Nato forces withdraw. We will build diplomatic pressure on Pakistan. Though Islamabad claims non-state actors help terrorists, it is the state that is involved in violence. PM Vajpayee had also asked Pakistan to take effective steps for stopping terrorism but they didn’t act.

 Till Islamabad stops terrorism, there will be no talks and I don’t believe it has taken any effective initiative to do so. Only Pakistan can understand what compulsions it has.

We want to have cordial relations with all neighbouring countries including Pakistan and China. But we also expect them to respond positively.

Pakistan-sponsored terrorists are trying to target BJP’s top leadership, including PM Modi. Your thoughts?

This has been going on for a long time but won’t scare us. All steps needed to stop terrorism will be taken. I would like to appeal to the international community to persuade Pakistan to stop helping terror outfits.

Do you agree with demands of handing over Delhi Police and the Delhi Development Authority to the city government?

We need a government before taking a call on such questions. We haven’t received any memorandum from the BJP or the Congress in this regard.

The BJP always maintained that Hindu terror was a UPA conspiracy. Now, the NIA that is investigating these cases works under you. Will you review such cases?

The NIA is doing its job and will continue to do so. As far as the word Hindu terror is concerned, it isn’t appropriate. The ‘rishis’ (saints) of this country always believed in the Hindu ideology of Vasudhev Kutumbkum (universal brotherhood). Who would believe such people indulge in terrorism?

The accused are in jail for several years in these cases. Are their trails delayed?

I have told the NIA to work with impartiality. We should wait for (results of) the probe. We have full faith in the NIA.

Maoists have not shown any inclination to lay down arms despite your appeal. What do you plan to do?

Till they leave the path of violence, we will continue to appeal.

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