The beautiful Dudhsagar falls of Goa

 New Delhi: Mother Nature has bestowed many beautiful places to our country and one among them is the beautiful Dudhsagar falls which means milky waterfalls when it’s translated in English .

The waterfall which is located on the Goa-Karnataka border, attracts not only local tourists but foreign visitors as well .


The splendid Dudhsagar Waterfall is perched in the lofty peaks of the Western Ghats and is a view to observe especially in the monsoons when it is in full and furious flow. From a distance, the waterfall appears like streams of milk rushing down the mountainside.

Lets have a look at some of the interesting facts associated with Dudhsagar falls:

 The falls can also be reached by a train journey from Vasco or Margao. At Collem, in the Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary near Mollem, there is a railway station where the train stops to pick up passengers for the journey to the waterfalls.

The tourists  can take or board the train in the morning where it halts in Dudhsagar station . The visitors can spend many beautiful hours near the falls before taking an afternoon train on the return journey.

 Near the top of the falls, the railway line from Vasco to Londa crosses the mountainside, with excellent views from the train.

 There also a couple of pools that you can swim in, making Dudhsagar a great place for a day full of fun and frolic. The alternate way of reaching the falls is only advisable between January and May, when the level of the water in the rivers abates enough to authorize jeeps to approach the base of the falls.

A number of private operators offer special trips to the Waterfalls and the tours operated by GTDC (Goa Tourism Development Corpn) also have Dudhsagar Waterfalls as one of the tour stops.

The Konkani name for the falls, which literally translated means “sea of milk”, derives from clouds of milky froth which rises up at the base of the falls.

Dudhsagar is set amidst spectacular landscape overlooking a steep, crescent-shaped head of a valley carpeted with immaculate tropical forest, that is only reachable on foot or by train.

Dudhsagar waterfall too has an interesting mythological story attached to it.  The story goes  like this  that once  upon a time a powerful and wealthy king who ruled a kingdom in the Western Ghats. His bountiful and luxurious palace in the hills was surrounded by vast stretches of  gardens which were  full of various animals roaming there.
The King had a beautiful daughter, who used to enjoy taking a bath during the hot summers, in the picturesque lake near the forest on the edge of the King’s palace grounds. It was her habit to finish her bath and have a jugful of sweet milk in a jug made of pure gold.

One day when she was finishing her usual jug of milk she found herself being watched  by a handsome prince standing in the midst of the trees. Embarrassed by her inadequate bathing clothing, the resourceful Princess poured the sugared milk in front of her to form an makeshift curtain to hide her body, while one of the maids rushed to cover her with a dress.

And from here,  a legend was  born. The sugared milk (dudh) poured down the mountainside and continued to flow in torrents as a tribute to the eternal virtue and humility of the Princess of the Ghats. The Dudh Sagar (Sea of Milk) continues to flow to this day.

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