Taurus Monthly Horoscope June 2015

Taurus Horoscope

Taureans want quiet, peace, and privacy. They are focusing mainly on home, family and close friends. You will have a lot on your plate and most of it will pertain to money – both for immediate needs and future gains. Financial matters become important – property and possessions, rentals, funds, investments, and even cash transactions.

Money may influence your emotional choices, but it can also become a shared interest in your couple. There may be profits or income from property, land and real estate. Don’t try for fast cash or the quick buck. Focus on investing in home or real-estate initiatives in June 2015. You might just be barking up the wrong tree in terms of career or personal gains, due to sheer pride or ego. You know instinctively what works best for you. Just go ahead sensibly, keeping your own counsel as far as possible.


You’ll most likely want to make your home more beautiful, more comfortable, more refined. Maybe you’ll buy a painting or some furniture, or a long-lasting item. This month, you are especially fond of the life of the home and family. There is a wonderful closeness built up with parents, older people, in-laws, who might not always approve of your eccentric and strongly different opinions. You are more receptive and gentle on a romantic level, and tend to be sentimental or nostalgic now.


You’re cheerful, confident, and lively. However you tend to be greedy and prone to excess. If your blood pressure is high, or other values (cholesterol, blood sugar levels, etc.) are higher than normal, be careful because those numbers might go up. Loyalty and sensitivity in your relationships are more important to you than typically.

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