Sunny Leone, Pamela Anderson: Foreign celebs that helped raising Bigg Boss’ TRP (view pics)


Sunny Leone, Pamela Anderson: Foreign celebs that helped raising Bigg Boss' TRP (view pics)

New Delhi: The news of the International hottie Kim Kardashian has set a massive buzz in India and the spectators are waiting for the hottest entry in the controversial show Bigg Boss 8. The controversies and the news have always traveled parallel with the Kardashian sister and the latest to add in it is her nude pics for a leading magazine. The photoshoot has set the ball rolling across the globe at a time when Kim is on the world tour for her fragrance’s promotion.

Bigg Boss would be a perfect platform for Kim and considering the controversies the show is known for the socialite’s entry would be a perfect compliment to it since she has many of her own to attach herself with.

According to leading daily, a deal of Rs 5 cr is already made with the makers of the show and if everything works according to the plan, Kim will enter the house on November 22nd donning Indian attire.

Yes, Kim has expressed her wish to wear Indian attire and if our guesses prove right then nothing than a sari would suit her best.

Pamela Anderson Bigg Boss

It may be recalled that Pamela Anderson entered the house during season four and she too sported a sari. However, she wasn’t the contestant there but was a guest for a couple of days, which was enough to soar up the mercury and of course the television ratings.

Bigg Boss in almost each of its seasons has managed to rope in the ‘firangi’ model to give a contrasting shape to the show for a few days or for extended duration, which altogether is focused to up the dragging TRP.

Sunny Leone In Bigg Boss

Besides the above two International celebs, the Indo-Canadian porn star who we all are familiar with the name of Sunny Leone was one of the most looked after foreign celebs on the show. Being tagged as ‘porn star’, Leone not only turned up the heat in the house but search bars in the web world were flooded with her name. The curious audience with each episode was craving for more which in turn gave a spike to TRP, which were dull prior her entry.

Claudia in Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss has always been dependent on the heated arguments, sleazy chemistry and mind games but not always these factors have worked for the show. Claudia Ciesla’s entry in the season 3 was also one among the additional factors that stood out independently to raise the television ratings. Who can forget the episode in which Ciesla’s upped the hot quotient with her pool act?

Elli Avaram, prior her entry in the house wrapped up her Bollywood debut flick ‘Mickey Virus’ but she was recognized with Bigg Boss stint. Her sweet looks and pranks minus any sleazy act were few factors that not only won viewers’ but also Salman Khan’s heart. Elli’s camaraderie with Dabangg Khan was one reason why the show looked interesting.

But unlike her, Sofia Hayat claimed popularity mostly for her fights, frolicsome arguments and stupid explanations. But who cares till it raises the TRP of the show.

Bigg Boss 8 doesn’t look hot and happening this time and the makers attempt to rope in ‘The Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ star should favour the show in a big way. However, it’s known that she is on a promotional spree these days so a day’s visit in the house is something that one can expect. What ever it is, it should be enough to bring back those viewers, who have lost their interest in the show.

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