Sundar Pichai welcome message to Prime Minister Modi

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Sundar Pichai welcome message to Prime Minister Modi on his visit to Silicon Valley

Prime Minister Modi, welcome to Silicon Valley, says Sundar Pichai in a YouTube video ahead of the Indian Prime Minister’s visit to the hub of technology. Pichai is the designated CEO of Google.

In his video message addressed to Modi, Pichai says that there is “tremendous excitement for your visit amongst all Googlers and the entire Indian community.

“The bond between India and Silicon Valley is strong,” and “India has long been an exporter of telent to tech companies,says the IIT Kharagpur alumnus who had joined Google just before its 2004 initial public offering.

Pichai also emphasised on the ongoing technological revolution in India and how millions of Indians were getting online for the first time and highlighted the role that Google is playing in this through its tech initiatives.

Pichai applauds Modi’s Digital India vision and says that it has received tremendous support in India, as well as in the Silicon Valley.

Prime Minister Modi will visit Silicon Valley on 26 and 27 September where he will visit top tech companies and meet executives. He is also scheduled to address the Indian community at the SAP Center in San Jose.

credit :Google India

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