State Bank of India, to recruit over 7,200 employees in 2014


SBI plans to hire about 1,837 probationary officers and 5,400 assistant officers in 2014. About 40,000 staff will be retiring in the next four years and SBI expects to recruit about 35,000- 40,000 employees during the period.

With about 50 %  of the workforce in PSU  banks set to retire in the next few years, the banking industry will soon be among the top employers offering five-seven lakh jobs.

In Bank of Baroda, 16 of the 32 top management personnel will retire by March FY15. BoB will hire 7,500 probationary officers and clerks this financial year, with about 2,500 employees due to retire.

About 75 per cent of the general manager level posts will be vacant by 2020.

Apart from core banking jobs, there will be an increase in backend jobs, including those in processing and outsourcing to third parties.

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