Sleep With Light Can Make You Fat!

Sleep With Light Can Make You Fat

Sleep With Light Can Make You Fat!

Sleep With Light Can Make You Fat,The researchers of Leiden University Medical Centre, Netherlands found out in a survey that artificial lights disrupts the body clocks and also the brown fat cells that burn calories so all lights and gadgets should be switched off at bedtime, the Mirror reported.

To test their theory, Patrick Rensen of Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands who examined the s experiment using mice where they subjected these mice to 24 hours of artificial light, the same type of light we might find at home or the office

They then had a control group of mice who were given 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. They injected the mice with radioactively tagged fats to monitor brown fat activity, along with how much the mice ate and how much they moved.

The mice exposed to 24 hours of artificial light gained a lot more weight in body fat compared to that of the control group, despite eating the same amount and exercising the same.

The researchers mentioned that on an average people stay online for about 20 hours a week and for 16 to 24-year-olds


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