Scorpio Monthly Overview Horoscope nov-2014


Scorpio   24/10 – 21/11


The Sun brings a bright new month in your offering as you can expect things to be anything but dull. Those of you who have been planning to start a new project should go ahead now as this is quite an auspicious period for this. If some of your projects have been stuck, they will seem to move forward as well. As the effect of Sun fades away, the presence of Mars makes you look at things in a positive light. Situations that you have avoided so far might come in the forefront and would require you to take a stand. You can expect hurdles but nothing that you will not be able to overcome. During mid month you are required to adopt an attitude of caution, especially in your professional life, says Ketu. Do not be distracted by trivial things and stay focused on your targets. Doing well at work during this time could really pay you rich dividends in the long run, so work harder than you usually do. As the Moon replaces Ketu, your personal life and relationships might get a little tough, even as your professional life takes off. All your hard work and brilliant ideas are being appreciated now and you may be in for some rewards and recognition.

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