Scorpio Monthly Overview Horoscope January-2015


Scorpio horoscope Scorpio Monthly Overview Horoscope December 2014

10/23 – 11/21

Monthly Overview


In general, this month you will be committed to ushering in the new and letting go of everything that has been obstructing your journey towards personal excellence. The beginning of the month finds you feeling upset at the recent turn of events and yearning for the carefree times of the past. You might find that your life is wrought with problems and there is no way out but this is just the negative Venus retrograde energies affecting your mood. As the Sun enters Aquarius on January 21, you will be able to appreciate the good things that life brings your way. You find yourself surrounded by your loved ones and this gives you a lot of happiness and helps reinstate confidence in your abilities. You have been contemplating going on a trip, but your professional commitments had been preventing you to go on one. However, with the end of the Venus retrograde period, beginning from January 31, you will be able to find the grip of responsibilities loosening on you, as the cosmic forces urge you to do things that you enjoy. You may even take an important decision regarding your professional life that may include changing your job.

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