Scorpio Monthly Horoscope – July 2015


Find out what the month of July has in store for you!

July 2015 Horoscope for Scorpio

Professional and financial growth can be expected during this month. Long-distance and foreign connections, exchange and trade will be favored. You’ll travel a fair amount and may strike up a chance acquaintance who shares your views, ideals and ideas. Throughout July 2015 partnerships, both business and loved ones, can contribute to the success of Scorpios.

The preceding month had lots of highs and lows for you to reckon with. This month reorients you to your lasting values, and greater idealism. July 2015 is a splendid month for Scorpios in terms of career.

This month, satisfaction comes through your career, your vocation and your business. Venus and Jupiter, both benefics shine their light on Scorpio’s house of career. The combination is the most favorable and the luckiest one. Your efforts will be well liked by those in authority and this may pave the way for your promotion. It brings success, opportunities and benevolence from bosses and figures of authority. Your new innovative ideas will help you achieve your targets on time. Your profession and work, the recognition, skills are a yardstick of success. This will make you much more enthusiastic and you will not hesitate to work for extra hours.  

Businessmen will be the happy lot this month. You are more than ever passionate and daring. Some agitation and desire for exciting activity is experienced. For some businessmen, receiving some returns from past investments will make you relieved.

Essentially, you are looking to expand your activities and opportunities for higher studies, travel or simply new subjects may be presented. You may find someone that you are willing to follow; this person may be a spiritual guru or a business mentor. However, as Jupiter moves into Leo you need to be careful of people who do not hold your best interest in mind.

Creative projects can flourish with enlarged focus and redoubled efforts that somehow don’t tire you out. Your financial condition will be stabilized with the extra income flowing in this month.

Keep close watch on your health! Issues might arise unexpectedly or be of uncommon nature. Avoid the extremes, neither resist change now nor become too revolutionary to bring about change. Else you may encounter accidents, injuries or illnesses. You have to take care of yourself and avoid risks. 

Your success may not be handled very well with those who compete with you. They may turn green with envy and jealousy and worse may even try to inflict their negative energy on you. Just relax and deal with it tactfully.

July 2015 is favorable for Scorpios when it comes to making relationships official. By large, things are looking good. However, you may experience problems in your personal relationships, especially if they have been restricting you. Tension may be brewing up due to the difference of opinion between you and your loved ones. Any such relationships may break up now, do not stress yourself over it; just let these transient moments pass.

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