Saturn Transit Predictions for Sagittarius (Dhanush Rasi Sani Peyarchi Palangal) 2014-2017


Saturn Transit Predictions for Sagittarius (Dhanush Rasi Sani Peyarchi Palangal) 2014-2017

Saturn Transit Period:

For Sagittarius, the Saturn transits on 02-11-2014 from eleventh place to Twelfth place (Vrichigam or Vedic Scorpio sign), as a result there might be huge transformations in your life so you need to be very cautious.


From 02-11-2014, as 7½  Saturn (Sade sati sani) starts for your sign, first 2 ½ years will be quite tough. The general impact of this Sani Peyarchi (Saturn transit) on Dhanush rasi persons (Vedic Sagittarius sign natives) during 2014 – 2017 is foreseen as follows.

  • In this Saturn transit benefits may be hard to come by, however don’t lose heart as the 7½ Saturn (Sade sati sani) always rewards plentifully at the end of 7½  year period.
  • As the first part of 7 ½ Saturn starts by this year end, attention and care are needed.
  • Since the Viruchika Rasi is the 12th house (House of Expenses) for the Dhanusu Rasi (Sagittarius sign) natives, Shani will bring expenses & wastages. Hence the Dhanusu Rasi (Sagittarius sign) natives could experience huge outflow of money both for constructive purposes and also non-constructive purposes.
  • Students will have an easier time with concentrating on academics during mid 2015
  • The Dhanusu Rasi (Sagittarius sign) natives would have mixed interests or beliefs or involvements in the spiritual and social issues.
  • It might happen that a family member, may be your child, will go against your decision. You might realize that your savings are being used in irrelevant things;
  • You should not be careless while dealing with your health. Health issues are possible in the thighs, knees or back bone. Sleep patterns are disturbed, and this can impact your health adversely.
  • You may get transfer in your job, but the transfer could be to a position or location you do not like. Do not to take part in argumentative issues. Also, this is the time when you should remain patient and devoted to your task.
  • During mid 2015 you may receive some increased monetary gains through travel for your career

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