Sagittarius 2015 Predictions

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2015 New Year Predictions for Sagittarius

This is an excellent time to work on financial planning and strategy. Expect sudden gifts/opportunities. Financial gains may come through a partner. You will acquire ample amount of luck in the areas of banking, loans, partner’s money, settlements, investments and inheritance.  Your personal happiness would be constantly challenged over issues of failures/mistakes.

Jupiter will influence your 12th house and will induce your interest in spirituality, visiting ashrams, pilgrimage and charity. Your romance reaches new heights and you learn to accept the differences and love unconditionally now. You now want to remain unperturbed by the complexities of emotions and enjoy all the worldly pleasures with your significant one. Be ready to pack your bags for a trip abroad. Those wanting settle abroad will get opportunity this year. Some sudden changes may occur in your family relationships; however you will acquire the strength from within to deal with it.

Your financial obligations will get dissolved easily. Your income will get boosted and you will be free of any outstanding debts. There may be new sources of income by long distance travel or by reaching a wider audience and customers. You must be careful with your diet and daily habits! There might be a change of residence or property. Your relationship with your mother will be become stronger during this time.

You are likely to sort through the junk, the burden and keep only those things/people that you truly need. All concerns regarding finance will be resolved. Be careful and responsible about your spending habits. Romantic relationships may seem daunting but remember everything happen for your own good. Investment would be in knowledge and education and the returns would be in the form of higher confidence, faith in oneself and possibilities in life.

In the second half of the year Jupiter will enter dramatic Leo, expanding your 9th house of luck. This will be an amazing period for your dharma, father, teachers, education, long distance travelling and marketing. Health issues as a result of over thinking and depression may come up, but will disappear themselves by the end of the year. Some of you may feel crashed and drained as your moral values are discarded by everyone and you have to face failure in everything you try. For students this period will be very favorable, you will feel more confident during this period. During this time you will be having a more positive outlook and you may be networking with new people.

Overall in 2015, you will go through a lot of changes personally. You may want to plan in advance on your expenditures as they might intensify unexpectedly. Try controlling your speech and stress related issues. Health matters will seem to improve after the second of half 2015. Those who are already married will get unconditional support from their partners and you will experience new phase in your relationship. You bond with your partner will strengthen even more.

You will be getting benefits from overseas and travelling abroad.There will be significant changes in your lifestyle, and that will be your real success this year.You are unstoppable now and move ahead determinedly, as all your steps seem to be taking you to your coveted position in the society. Keep yourself level headed so that nothing comes in your way to success

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