Rishabam Rasi palan 2017 Puthandu Rasi Palangal For Tamil New Year

Rishabam Rasi palan 2017

Rishabam Rasi palan 2017 Puthandu Rasi Palangal

Rishabam Rasi palan 2017 Puthandu Rasi Palangal:

Rishabam 2017 Puthandu Palangal, is the Tamil New Year forecast for the Taurus moon sign or Rishaba rasi natives according to Indian astrology. Rishaba rasi natives or Taurus are sensual by nature and negatively charged, given to reflection and inward seeking. The planets are aligned perfectly for Rishabha Rasi natives and hence the year 2017 would be a generally happy year for them. See detailed forecast for 2017 Tamil New Year below.

Rishaba Rasi 2017 Overview:

In general the year 2017 will be an exciting time with lots of opportunities for Rishabam to change his lifestyle. The career prospects of the natives would be great and those in business shall see their ventures grow by leaps and bounds. Friends and family will be very supportive of you and there will be lots of love and harmony in personal relationships. Peace shall prevail at home. In work, you could receive special commendation and seniors could be very impressed by your positive attitude, talents and creative abilities. However health needs to be handled with care as also relationship issues as these areas are found to be sensitive for the period. There could be the possibility of a house move and/or major improvements to the existing home.

 Finance forecast for Rishabam 2017 Puthandu Palangal


This year is good for financial matters for Rishabha rasi natives. Rishabam 2017 person will enjoy good finances this year. There would be new avenues that improve your financial standing in society. You could enjoy a lucky win, a windfall or a small unexpected inheritance. For those who are thinking of taking out a personal loan, there are likely to be excellent and preferential rates. There are possibilities of some unwanted expenses too. Extending your mortgage will be possible this year. Taurus enjoys luxury items and may be tempted to spend extravagantly. It will be good if you can control your expenditure during the year 2017 and instead concentrate on saving for the rainy days ahead.

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