Rice And Healthy Benefits


Rice And Healthy Benefits 

Rice is the staple food of choice in Indonesia, especially with white rice. Contents of various nutrients in it to keep healthy benefits to the body. Rice was not only white rice only. Because there is a wide selection of other types of rice.
Here are some common types of rice and the health benefits that must be for you to know.

1. White rice
White rice is the most common food in Indonesia and most of Asia. White rice is the food most easily digested by either children or adults. Some of the health benefits of eating white rice is to reduce digestive disorders such as diarrhea, colitis, and even morning sickness in pregnant women.

2. Brown rice
In addition to white rice, brown rice is also good for your health. Brown rice is often confused with brown rice because of the similarity in shape and color. Brown rice is low in starch and calories in it, but very high in soluble fiber. Not only that, healthy oil content in these foods can reduce bad cholesterol in the body.

3. Brown rice
Not many people like brown rice. The reason the texture of the rice is coarser than white rice. But eat brown rice helpful to keep the amount of iron in the body that helps regulate blood sugar and insulin. In addition, red yeast rice contains vitamin B6, which is important to balance the formation of serotonin and red blood cells that are important in the production of cellular DNA.

4. Glutinous rice
Glutinous rice cakes are found in processed foods in Indonesia. The content of copper in the sticky substance can strengthen connective tissue, support the immune system, and increase healthy brain function.

5. Black Rice
Black rice alone is rarely to be found. However, this rice has a range of health benefits, especially for those who suffer from Alzheimer’s and diabetes. For this rice contains anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant which is higher than other types of rice.

6. Rice basmati
Basmati rice is a special kind of rice from India. One cup of rice contains fiber, 20% more than other types of rice. Basmati rice has a low glycemic index.

7. Jasmine Rice
Jasmine rice has a fragrant aroma and appetizing. One of the best benefits is that it can reduce muscle pain in the body due to the high content of amino acids.

That’s some kind of rice that are circulating in Indonesia. Rice is not the only staple food that you can consume because there are many types of food and other goods, which also has a variety of health benefits for the body.



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