Ranveer Singh slams daily for cooking up story about his depression


Ranveer Singh slams daily for cooking up story about his depression

Actor Ranveer Singh has lashed out at a leading daily which reported that he too was suffering from depression like his girlfriend Deepika Padukone. Here’s what he said in a Facebook post this morning.

Leading Mumbai daily DNA reported on Monday that suicide by Ranveer Singh’s friend left a deep impact on him and he has been suffering since then.

Quoting a source close to the actress DNA reports, “Deepika was suffering, it’s true, but what no one knows is that Ranveer was the one who was disturbed and was seeking help. Deepika saw that he was having a tough time trying to come to terms with the suicide of a friend, who was dealing with depression. The friend shot himself last year, minutes after putting up a status on Facebook saying he was going to kill himself. But before any of his family members or friends could reach him, he had pulled the trigger. Those close to the deceased blamed themselves for not being able to help or doing enough or just being there with him.”

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Ranveer Singh

Deepika recently confessed she was battling with depression

“Ranveer doesn’t like to show his emotions in public, but people close to him, especially Deepika knew that this tragedy had hit him hard. She saw him struggle with his grief mixed with guilt. He even saw a therapist for a while. Deepika was his silent support at the time, and she saw first-hand how depression was a serious disorder. Perhaps that pushed her to talk about this issue. No one is denying that she too perhaps was going through the same thing, but her decision to address depression publicly had a lot to do with Ranveer and his friend who lost his life to the illness,” the  report further quoted the source.

Deepika in an elaborate interview to Hindustan Times recently revealed  her disorder and battle with it. She said that a friend’s suicide served as a wake up call for her. With her mother Ujjwala’s support, the actress took professional help.

Deepika, Ranveer

Deepika and Ranveer at Farah Khan’s party

“My personal experience as well as my friend’s death urged me to take up this issue, which isn’t usually talked about,” said Padukone in the interview.

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