Ramachandi Temple


Ramachandi Temple

Location: Southwest of the Sun templeLocated towards the southwest of Sun Temple, is the Ramachandi temple. It has been named after Goddess Ramachandi. However, there is lot of confusion over the presiding deity of the temple. Some people are of the opinion that the temple is dedicated to Goddess Ramachandi and this is why it is known as Ramachandi temple. But, there is another section of people who say that the temple is dedicated to Goddesses Mayadevi, the wife of Sun God.

It is because of this reason that, the temple is sometimes referred to as the Mayadevi Temple also. The main problem is that there is not any evidence that can help in solving the confusion prevalent over the deity of the Ramachandi temple of Konark. However, in the present times, it is commonly referred to as the Mayadevi temple. Some people also believe that the temple was actually devoted to Surya, the Sun God.



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