Rajinikanth’s face for Lord Venkateshwara?


Superstar Rajinikanth is ruling the cyberspace ever since his upcoming film Lingaa‘s trailer was released. The song promo of Mona Gasolina was out last evening and the fans have gone berserk and have been noticing even minute details the trailer and the song promo has to offer. Interestingly, Rajinikanth fans have noticed a rather unusual feature in the logo of the production company which is a picture of Lord Venkateshwara.

Fans have noticed that the face of The Almighty astonishingly resembles the face of Rajinikanth. Nobody knows if it was done deliberately by the production company or if its just a coincidence, but what the fans are worried about is that the film might draw unnecessary hostility from various religious groups across the country.

Going by the recent trend, many big budget movies are facing oppositions even before its release for many reasons and Lingaa too was in the spotlight for a wrong reason as a filmmaker from Madurai had filed a case alleging that the storyline of Lingaa is similar to that of his 2013 movie. Now, the logo of Rockline production company might open up gates for various religious groups to stall the release of the movie.

Last year on Rajinikanth’s birthday, few fans had created a poster which depicted a couple of Hindu deities standing in a queue to cast their votes among others and the poster read, “Even God will cast his vote, if you enter politics”. Well, we hope that the logo of Lingaa‘s production company doesn’t become a reason to postpone the release of the much talked about movie waiting to be released on Superstar’s birthday.


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