Production house withdraws cheating case against Shruti Haasan


a production house had filed a case against Shruti Haasanfor opting out of a film she had signed. Now the case against the actress has been withdrawn – thanks to the support from cinema industry bodies. Picture House Media Ltd had taken legal action against Shruti some time ago. A release said, “Picture House Media Ltd has withdrawn its case against Shruti Haasan after Tamil Film Producers Council (TPFC) and South Indian Film Artists Association (SIAA) intervened.”

Discussion between Picture House Media Ltd, TPFC and SIAA had been held. The meeting involved R Sarath Kumar who is the President of SIAA and TPFC President Kalaippuli Thanu. The SIAA and TPFC officers “suggested a way forward to settle the contentious issues.”

The release said, “Picture House Media Ltd has decided to put various issues behind and decided to move forward keeping in mind the cordial relations in the industry and to ensure that the clout of Council and Association is respected.” Moreover, SIAA and TPFC declared that “artists should adhere to the agreements that they enter into and producers should not suffer losses due to their irresponsible acts.”

Last month, Shruti Haasan got into trouble when Picture House Media Ltd filed a case against her. She had been roped in for a south Indian film and had signed the deal. The dates for shooting had been decided and the actress then suddenly walked out of the project. A spokesperson from the production house had reported, “We tried to reason with her and even suggested that she could shoot for 12-15 days instead of the agreed 20.” What Shruti had done was called “unethical and unprofessional act”.

Then Hyderabad court told the actress to not sign a film until and unless she was done shooting for this particular film. This movie is untitled and is a Vamsi Paidipalli directorial. The multi starrer features Karthi and Nagarjuna. The filmmakers had complained that the actress pulled out “arbitrarily”. The excuse that she gave for opting out was that the dates clashed with her other projects.

But she had already discussed the dates with the filmmakers before the start of project. Event the shooting had started and the first schedule had been completed. She then sent a mail to the filmmakers saying that she is withdrawing. Picture House Media Ltd. had to suffer financial loss and their reputation too was tarnished. The estimated value for the monetary loss was in crores!




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