Preity Zinta-Ness Wadia case: Cops start checking CCTV footage, video clips

The Marine Drive police have started the process of scrutinising the CCTV footage and video recordings they have got from Sony channel in connection with the case registered against industrialist Ness Wadia by actor Preity Zinta on June 13. However, even after 15 days, the police have neither arrested Wadia nor recorded his statement.
The police recently recorded Mumbai-based businessman Jay Kanojia’s statement, the ninth recorded so far. Kanojia is learnt to have told the police that he knows both Wadia and Zinta well, and, that day, he was sitting two seats away from Zinta when Wadia came and started arguing with her.
“He clutched her hand and also abused her. When later Preity showed me her hand, she had a red mark on the place he had held her. Jean was sitting next to Preity and he intervened and warned Ness to back off,” Kanojia is learnt to have said in his statement.
Kanojia is also said to have told the police that none of them had any idea Wadia’s mother was standing behind as there was no place for her to sit. “If anyone had seen Maureen standing, they would have offered her their seat,” his statement read.

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