Preity Zinta molestation case: ‘Paid Rs 5 crore for Ness Wadia’


Ness Wadia and Preity Zinta. (photo: PTI/File)

Ness Wadia and Preity Zinta. (photo: PTI/File)

Mumbai: Preity Zinta on Tuesday night released a Q&A-style clarification explaining why her case against Ness Wadia was solid. The actress has also released details of monetary transactions between her and Ness and also dismisses the claim that the case is a “personal matter”.

“This relationship was ended by me in 2009. Its been (sic) six years since the break-up so, this is not a personal matter,” she wrote.

Following are six key points from Preity’s clarification.

Ness was borrowing  

Preity writes, “IPL was my project from the start and for the record, not only did I pay for myself (five crore), I paid for Ness too, 5 crores! (Proof of my financial commitment is with the BCCI). To be fair to him, he did pay me back a couple of months later (without any premium). The Go Air commercial was done completely free of cost by me and the money I earned from Kaun Banega Crorepati was given to Wadia Children hospital. (Also) If money was my motive, then why did I decline late Mr Shandaar Amrohi’s (known widely as Preity’s industry godfather) will which was worth (sic) hundreds of crores.”

Was the fight about seats?
“Really? There were 50 seats and a V.I.P air-conditioned box (35-seater). Yet, me and my friends sitting on 6 seats becomes an issue? All through the IPL, I have given almost all my seats to the players’ families, so taking over seats at all games is a wrong accusation and disrespecting anyone’s mother is out of the question (referring to Ness’ allegations that his mother was left standing because the seats were taken over by Preity’s posse).”

Why an F.I.R?
“Because after several warnings over the years I was left with no other option, the whole point of this is that violent behaviour should not be tolerated by rich or poor, man or woman, celebrity or not!”

About the strange U.S. trip
“I had to go to the U.S. as I had work, which I could not ignore due to a prior commitment. I came back to India as soon as the police department required me to do so, to help with further investigations.”

So, what about the mafia link?
“I am as clueless and surprised about this as anyone else is.”

‘It’s about woman power’
“If only a mother had corrected her son, when she saw what he was becoming. If only a journalist had not said, ‘Why is she making a big deal of an incident that is not rape?’ If only the girlfriend had walked out when she saw the first sign of abuse. If only other women didn’t dilute the offence by calling it jealousy… IF ONLY!!”

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