Police Official Shows How ATM Fraud Happens These Days [Watch]


Police Official Shows How ATM Fraud Happens These Days

Police Official Shows How ATM Fraud Happens,Lot of ATM card related crimes have been reported lately. One must be aware of the card usage and how to protect it. Here police man explains all about card usage. Get educated from this short video and spread it to make others aware.

With its pin-hole camera, circuit board and miniature battery – this tiny gadget looks like a secret agent’s spying device.But in fact it is so common the majority of us carry the same thing around with us all day, every day.MailOnline can reveal today criminal gangs are adapting mobile phone video cameras and hiding them in cash points to help empty bank accounts.

This device has been secretly helping to fuel a rise in the £100million-a-year card fraud industry in Britain.After being stripped from its phone housing, the camera is hidden under a false panel above an ATM keypad. It then secretly records unsuspecting customers as they tap in their PIN while all the time being watched by thieves just metres away

The video recording is then used in conjunction with a separate device placed over the card slot that can either trap or clone your card, giving fraudsters all the information they need to plunder your accounts.  

ATM Fraud

While police advise potential victims to look out for anything suspicious, they warn against taking devices away because theres a good chance these gangs could come after you to get them back.Very often, they will be loaded with data which could potentially be worth thousands of pounds, but also, crucially, evidence that could incriminate them.

They will be watching you,’ says Tony Blake, crime prevention officer at the Dedicated Cheque and Plastic Crime Unit , a police unit sponsored by the banking industry.If you go off with their camera, they might come after you to get their equipment back.

‘It’s best not to try looking for devices fitted by fraudsters as the vast majority are very small and well concealed.The industrial scale of these cons was highlighted last month when two fraudsters were jailed for a total of six years over a scam which netted more than £2million worth of stolen card details from potentially thousands of victims.
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