PM Narendra Modi asks youths to take up yoga




 New Delhi: Elated over the UN decision to declare June 21 as the International Day of Yoga, Prime Minister Narendra Modi Friday urged the youth to take up yoga “diligently and regularly”.

“I have been a practicer of yoga for years, and you can’t believe the positive difference it has made in my life,” he said in a tweet. “Yoga is the anchor of my life.”

Modi’s statement said he could see the “tremendous enthusiasm among all of you after the UN declared June 21 as the ‘International Day of Yoga.’ It is very gladdening.

“The fact that 177 nations across all continents came together and co-sponsored the resolution shows the integrative power of yoga.

“I urge all of you, especially the youth, to take up yoga and practice it diligently and regularly. It will truly transform your lives as well.”


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