Pisces Monthly Overview Horoscope nov-2014


Pisces  19/2 – 20/3

This month, due to the influence of Mercury, you may see things coming to a gradual halt in your life or results getting delayed in almost all fields. Do not be frustrated and make sure you do not spare any efforts to complete things from your end. Your efforts are sure to pay off once this period is over. To keep things fine on the personal front you need to keep a conscious check on your temper. This month, you are advised not to be impulsive and consider all aspects of a matter carefully before making any decisions. Be extra careful at work and guard against minor mistakes to negate the influence of Ketu. There might be problems in communication too which might result in arguments and misunderstandings. Stay away from people you usually do not get along with too well.Make a conscious effort to stay calm and patient and you will not suffer any ill effects. Make sure that all legal documents are in order. This may turn out to be a time of stress and fatigue so take extra care of your health.



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