Pisces Monthly Overview Horoscope January-2015


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2/19 – 3/20

Monthly Overview

The month of January will introduce several changes in your life, dear Pisces. With the focus on your relationship sector, you will be inclined to bringing positive changes in your life. As the Moon moves into Aries on January 7, those long forgotten goals will get a new lease of life. You are ready to take charge of your life and any challenges in your path will only serve to motivate you and fuel your desire to achieve your goals. The Moon will move into Cancer from Gemini on January 15. The Cancer Moon brings out the romantic in you. There is nothing wrong in giving expression to this side of your personality. Use this time to pamper your partner and let him/her know how much they matter in your life. The Moon in Leo on January 17 indicates some positive developments on the career front, indicate Astroyogi astrologers. If you aren’t comfortable with everything happening at such a fast pace, you should just let it pass and not bother too much about it. This may mean that you might be losing out on opportunities though. On January 24, the Moon will enter Scorpio, giving you a fresh burst of energy to speed up and finish off any pending tasks. The end of the Venus retrograde period on January 31, will usher happiness and prosperity in your life.


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