Pisces Monthly Horoscope April 2017

In February you will have a frustrated, failed or meaningless meeting or conversation with a young man.
Men up to 35 years of age need to be careful with whom they decide to meet and in what situation to participate. There is a risk of compromise or engagement in a very sensitive situation. Young women will receive news that could be the cause of sorrow, tears and frustration due to too much waiting or a refusal / withdrawal of an earlier proposal.
For men over 35 years February will be a strong period, with a variety of new features and a large dose of luck.

Unpleasant or disappointing news will come about a young girl or young woman. Expect strong support and very useful advice / assistance from a man older than you or one who is in a high position in the office of the state administration. You will spend money for a child or young person, but it will be a good investment for the future or in another useful action. In some cases, you yourself can get money from a child or grandchild, as aid or as cover for certain family expenses.
You may have care and obligations associated with an inherited property or business which is now in trouble and that will affect you negatively, primarily by the fact that very little will depend on you to resolve the problems associated with it. Some unsolved problems in your love life will become “current” this month. You will still considering various steps or you will talk about solving them. There is a need for a more forceful change, but you still are not ready for it.


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 Vedic Astrology – 2015 New Year Predictions (Transit Predictions)

This year 2015 is begining on the star of Karthigai Star in Mesha Rasi. Saturn is on the 8th house indicates that it is going to be a challenging year for the world in general. Saturn is receiving benefic aspect from Jupiter is looking good. The 2015 New Year event is given below:

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Saturn Transit Predictions (Sani Peyarchi Palangal)

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